District’s Final Recommendation for First Year Implementation of AB 617: View

Maps of District’s Final Recommended Communities for First Year Implementation of AB 617: View

In September 2017, the California State Legislature and Governor agreed to extend Cap and Trade as part of a legislative package that included the appropriation of $1.5 billion in Cap and Trade funding. The Cap and Trade deal also included the passage of AB 617 (Cristina Garcia, 2017) that requires the state Air Resources Board and air districts to develop and implement additional emissions reporting, monitoring, and reduction plans and measures in an effort to reduce air pollution exposure in impacted communities.

The legislation sets out an ambitious implementation schedule, and the California Air Resources Board must set the overall direction of the program by October 1, 2018. The local air districts also have specific roles and responsibilities and successful implementation will require strong collaboration. The District will actively participate, and facilitate input by Valley residents.

Fulfilling AB 617 mandates in the Valley’s disadvantaged communities will also help the Valley attain federal health-based standards for PM2.5 and ozone.

Leveraging and Enhancing Existing Efforts for Expeditious and Effective Community Protection under AB617

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