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California has the cleanest industries, the cleanest utilities, the lowest car tailpipe emissions... yet still has the dirtiest air in the nation!

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The activities of 35 million Californians can produce air pollution. Cars and trucks are the biggest source of emissions that contribute to air quality problems, but many other products and industrial processes release harmful chemicals into the air. If you live in or visit California, you contribute to the state's dirty air. California's terrain and weather also add to the problem.
If you live in or visit California, you contribute to the state's dirty air
Areas of Southern California, the Central Valley, and the San Francisco Bay Area are all ringed by mountains that can trap air pollution. During the summer, layers of warmer air in the upper atmosphere act as a lid over these areas. Under the hot sunlight, pollutants react to form ozone (the main ingredient of smog) as well as hazardous microscopic particles. In the winter, the air pollutants of concern are hazardous microscopic particles caused by activities such as wood burning, factory emissions and car exhaust. 

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