General Contacts

Governing Board

For a complete listing of our current Governing Board members and their contact information please click here

Frequently Called Numbers

Smog Information Line

Toll free (800) 766-4463 or (800) SMOG-INFO
Local in Fresno (559) 230-5875


Grants Hotline (559) 230-5858
General Grants e-mail

Hazard Reduction Burning

Hazard Reduction Burning Toll free (877) 429-2876 or (877) HAZ-BURN
Local in Fresno (559) 230-6116


Developer and CEQA Information (559) 230-6000
Smoking Vehicle Report Line Toll free (800) 559-9247 or (800) 559-9AIR
Smoke Management Program Toll free (800) 665-2876 or (800) 665-BURN
Agricultural Burning (559) 227-7143

District Management

Samir Sheikh, Executive Director/APCO(559)
Morgan Lambert, Deputy APCO(559)
Dave Warner, Deputy APCO(559)
Sheraz Gill, Deputy APCO(559)
Annette Ballatore, District Counsel(559)
Mehri Barati, Director of Administrative Services(559)
Jaime Holt, Chief Communications Officer(559)
Tom Jordan, Senior Policy Advisor(559)
Todd DeYoung, Director of Strategies and Incentives(559)
Chenecua Dixon, Director of Personnel(559)
Imtiaz Haq, Director of Information Services(559)
Ryan Hayashi, Director of Compliance(559)
Jon Klassen, Director of Strategies and Incentives(559)
Arnaud Marjollet, Director of Permit Services(559)


Administrative Services

Ann Marie Collins, Manager - Northern Region(209)
Ryan Buchanan, Accounting Manager - Central Region(559)
Christal Martinez, Manager - Southern Region(661)


John Cadrett, Manager - Northern Region(209)
Jake Felton, Manager - Central Region(559)
Valarie Ballard, Manager - Southern Region(661)

Outreach and Communications

Central Region(559)
Southern Region(661)
Spanish Language Contact, Maricela Velasquez(559)

Permit Services

Nick Peirce, Manager - Northern Region(209)
Robert Gilles, Manager - Central Region(559)
Errol Villegas, Manager - Central Region(559)
Leonard Scandura, Manager - Southern Region(661)


General Employment Information(559)
Records(559) 230-6010 Fax: (559) 230-6140


Brian Clements, Manager - Central Region(559)
Brian Dodds, Program Manager(559)

Air Quality Science & Planning

Jessica Coria, Program Manager(559)
Jessica Olsen, Program Manager(559)
Chay Thao, Program Manager(559)

Small Business Assistance

Northern Region (209) 557-6446
Central Region (559) 230-5888
Southern Region (661) 392-5665
California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (559) 230-6000
Indirect Source Review (ISR) (559) 230-6000
Employer-base Trip Reduction (eTRIP) (559) 230-6000

Report a Complaint

San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced counties (800) 281-7003
Madera, Fresno and Kings counties (800) 870-1037
Tulare and the Valley portion of Kern counties (800) 926-5550
Complaint website