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Welcome to the eTRIP Rule online reporting option for employers and worksite coordinators. Employers subject to the eTRIP Rule (Rule 9410) can use this website for worksite registration, which was due to the District by July 1, 2010. As of July 2, 2012 registered employers and worksite coordinators can use this website for submittal of Phase III eTRIP plans, which are due to the District by September 1, 2013. More information about the eTRIP Rule is available on the District’s   eTRIP Rule webpage.

Employer/Administrators that have not registered:

First, an Employer should establish an Employer account (click on “Create Employer Account” link) in order to provide the required Employer information and set an Administrator password that will be used to access this site. The Administrator should add all worksites subject to the eTRIP Rule to this Employer account and designate a Worksite Coordinator for each site. The Worksite Coordinator manages the eTRIP Rule implementation effort at their assigned worksite. The Administrator has the option of serving as a Worksite Coordinator, or the Administrator can designate other Worksite Coordinators.

Designated Worksite Coordinators will receive an email prompt to set a login password. Once that password is set, Worksite Coordinators can use this page to log in and enter required registration information.

Employer/Administrators or Worksite Coordinators of registered worksites:

With the login/password created during the registration process, administrators and worksite coordinators can use this page to log in to the eTRIP online reporting option.   Users can then create, edit, and submit eTRIPs for their registered worksites.   Employer, worksite coordinator, and worksite information can also be updated using this website.