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The source of this information is from a booklet titled “Air Quality Conservation Management Practices for San Joaquin Valley Farms” and was developed in cooperation with the Agriculture Improving Resources (AIR) partners, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, the San Joaquin Valley Region of the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts, and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District.  You may view the booklet on-line by visiting the California Cotton Ginners and Growers Association web site and clicking here.  [The file is quite large and may take a few minutes to download].

The products and brand names mentioned below are for informational purposes only and should not be considered a complete listing of all the available products, nor as an endorsement of any of the products listed. 

Per Rule 8011 – General Requirements, any chemical or organic material used for stabilizing solids shall not violate State Water Quality Control Board standards for use as a soil stabilizer.  Any material prohibited for use as a dust suppressant by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the California Air Resources Board, or other applicable law, rule, or regulation is also prohibited under Regulation VIII.  Hydroscopic materials may be prohibited in areas lacking sufficient atmospheric moisture of soil for such materials to effectively reduce fugitive dust emissions.  The atmospheric moisture of soil is considered to be sufficient if it meets the application specifications of the hygroscopic product manufacturer.  Use of such materials may be approved in conjunction with sufficient wetting of the controlled area.

Table 1:  The suppressant categories listed below have been found to meet the 50 percent PM10 control for a Fugitive PM10 Management Plan.  In addition, these products may be effective in limiting visible dust emissions and maintaining a stabilized unpaved road surface. 

 Suppressant Category

Product Common Name





Hygroscopic Suppressants




Calcium Chloride

  • Calcium chloride liquid
  • Calcium chloride flakes
  • Dowflake
  • Durablend-C
  • Liquidow
  • Roadsaver-C



Magnesium Chloride

  • Durablend
  • DustGard
  • Dust-off
  • Chlor-tex
  • Roadsaver



Blend of Calcium and Magnesium Chloride

  • Dust Fyghter













  • DC-22
  • Dustac, Dustac-100
  • CalBinder
  • Lignin Sulfonate
  • Polybinder
  • RB Ultra Plus



Calcium Lignosulfonate

  • Wesling-120








Petroleum Emulsions
  • Asphotac
  • Coherex
  • CSS-1
  • DOPE-30
  • Duo Prime Oil
  • Dust Devil
  • EarthBind 1oo
  • Earth Glue
  • EnviroKleen
  • FlowPro 1505
  • Penetrating Emulsion Primer (PEP)
  • PennzSuppress-D1,2
  • Petro Tac
  • Retain
  • Road Pro
  • Sandstill








Polymer Emulsions
  • Aerospray 70A
  • Blend R40 Series
  • Coherex PM
  • DC-1000
  • DSS-40
  • Dustguard
  • Earthbound L
  • Earthguard
  • ECO0110 and C-50
  • Eco-Polymer
  • Envirotac II
  • Gorilla Snot
  • Liquid Dust Control
  • Marloc
  • PolyPavement
  • Soiloc-D
  • Soilfloc DC70
  • Soilfloc DC90
  • Soil Master WR
  • Soil Seal
  • Soil Sement 1,2
  • Soil Tech FSB1000
  • SR-400
  • TerraBond PolySeal
  • Terrafirma
  • Top Shield
  • X-Hesion Pro








Bituminous Materials (Road Oil)

  • Oil Sand
  • SC-80
  • SC-250
  • SC-350
  • SC-800




1 "Pre-certified" by the California Air Resources Board

2 "Certified Technology" by the California Environmental Protection Agency

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Table 2: The following suppressant categories have not been demonstrated to achieve the 50 percent PM10 control, but may be useful in limiting visible dust emissions and maintaining a stabilized unpaved road surface.

Suppressant Category

Product Common Name










  • Bio Cat 300-1
  • Perma-Zyme 11x
  • UBIX No. 0010




  • CBR Plus
  • Condor SS
  • Road Bnd EN-1
  • SA-44
  • Settler
  • TerraBound Clay Stabilizer
  • Terrastone








Fibers and Mulches


  • A/F 2000
  • Cellulose Fiber (M-Binder)
  • Dewatered Residual Wood Fiber
  • Ecotak-OP and Ecotak-SAT
  • Excel-Fibermulch II
  • Fibercraft
  • Fiberwood
  • Sentinel
  • Soil Guard
  • Stabilizer








  • Airtrol Plaster
  • Durasoil
  • Dust Attack
  • Dust Buster Systems
  • Dust Sorb 1118
  • Dust-Trol DCF
  • DustSuppress
  • EnviroCycle
  • Hydroshield (endosperm product)
  • Organic Soil Stabilizer
  • POX-O-CAP lime mixture
  • Raybinder
  • Sandcastles Dust Control Mix
  • Sodium silicate




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Last Update: September 2017