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Daily Air Quality Status and Forecast
Observed data is preliminary and subject to change
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Forecast for 1/31/2015

Localized Impacts
Please note, the Daily Air Quality Forecast is issued for your entire County. Localized wildfire smoke, blowing dust, or other air quality situations may differ with the forecast as it pertains to your local area. Follow instructions from your emergency responders as necessary and take precautions as needed.

School Air-Quality Flags
The colors on the map correspond to the color of the school flag for your county.

More Information
  • If you are interested in more information about the Air Quality Index (AQI), click here.

  • Information about ozone pollution can be found here.

  • Information about particulate pollution can be found here.

  • Sequoia National Park and Forest
    The portions of Tulare County that are east of the western most boundaries of Sequoia National Park, Sequoia National Forest, and Sequoia National Monument.

    County Observed:
    Thursday 1/29/2015
    Forecast for:
    Friday 1/30/2015
    Forecast for:
    Saturday 1/31/2015
    San Joaquin 87 Moderate (PM2.5) 91 Moderate (PM2.5) 68 Moderate (PM2.5)
    Stanislaus 80 Moderate (PM2.5) 83 Moderate (PM2.5) 68 Moderate (PM2.5)
    Merced 87 Moderate (PM2.5) 78 Moderate (PM2.5) 74 Moderate (PM2.5)
    Madera 93 Moderate (PM2.5) 95 Moderate (PM2.5) 80 Moderate (PM2.5)
    Fresno 97 Moderate (PM2.5) 99 Moderate (PM2.5) 89 Moderate (PM2.5)
    Kings 97 Moderate (PM2.5) 99 Moderate (PM2.5) 87 Moderate (PM2.5)
    Tulare 105 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (PM2.5) 110 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (PM2.5) 110 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (PM2.5)
    Kern (SJV Air Basin portion) 107 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (PM2.5) 124 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (PM2.5) 102 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (PM2.5)
    Sequoia National Park and Forest 30 Good (O3) 13 Good (PM2.5) 53 Moderate (PM2.5)
    Kern (Greater Frazier Park Area) NA 13 Good (PM2.5) 55 Moderate (PM2.5)
    NA—insufficient data to calculate an AQI.

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