The Season Has Ended

  • The program is in effect November 1 through the end of February.
  • If you must burn, please ensure your firewood is clean, seasoned and dry.
Learn more about Rule 4901

Replace old solid fuel-burning equipment with cleaner EPA certified or pellet-fueled device or install natural gas or propane devices. Natural gas and propane devices are not subject to the Air District wood-burning rule.

Burn Cleaner Program
The District offers incentives to purchase new, cleaner, certified devices through Burn Cleaner. Apply for Burn Cleaner
No Burning
Burning any solid fuel - including wood, pellets and manufactured wood (such as Duraflame logs) - is prohibited from midnight to midnight. Violations can result in fines. Report a Violation
You may use your wood-burning device on a prohibited day:
  • If you live in an area where there is no natural-gas service
  • If wood-burning is your only source of heat>
Request an Exemption
No Burning Unless Registered
If you have a registered clean burning device, you can burn wood inside your residence. Use of any unregistered wood-burning device is prohibited. Register My Device
Burning Discouraged
  • If you must burn, please ensure your firewood is clean, seasoned and dry. Unseasoned wood smolders and creates additional emissions.
  • Never burn trash, magazines, newspapers, plastics or other materials not designed to burn in fireplaces or stoves. Doing so is illegal and hazardous.

To obtain air quality data for reporting purposes please reference our AirStatus.xml document. This document is updated daily by 4:30PM and provides the following information:

  • Time and date
  • Counties under forecast
  • Air quality status for today and tomorrow
  • Wood burning status for today and tomorrow (in-season only: November - February)