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District launches the Community Engagement and Protection Program under AB 617 Read More


Air District Advocates for Fairness in Federal Law that Protects Valley Residents from Devastating Economic Sanctions for Pollution from Sources Under State and Federal Jurisdiction that Fall Outside the Districtís Authority to Regulate

New achievements for the Valley:

  • 2015 was the cleanest year, to date, for Ozone. Read More
  • 2016 saw record setting low values for PM 2.5. Read More

District Implementation of the New State Oil and Gas Regulation
On December 21, 2017 the District Governing Board adopted two new rules committing the District to effectively and efficiently implement and enforce the state regulation aimed at reducing fugitive methane emissions from oil and gas operations. Click here for more information and to download the initial registration application form.

District Launches New Air Quality Tool
The District has unveiled a state-of-art art web tool for exploring historical air quality information in your neighborhood. The Web-based Archived Air Quality (WAAQ) system allows anyone to compare air quality information over the past two decades in any Valley neighborhood.
Click here to explore the WAAQ system.

State Auditor Releases Report on District Fees and Expenditures
The audit report released on April 5, 2016 reaffirms the Districtís long held position that its permit fees, although very low, when used in conjunction with supplemental revenues are adequate to maintain an active and effective program. The audit report does not propose any changes or recommendations concerning the Districtís fees. With a strict adherence to the zero-based budgeting principles, significant investment in automation, and implementation of countless streamlining and efficiency measures, the District has been able to achieve low administrative overhead and great productivity in all program areas and therefore reduced costs. Click Here.

District Takes Action to address Wildfire Risks
With the potential for devastating health impacts from uncontrolled wildfires, the Governing Board took action aimed at reducing the number and intensity of wildfires this summer. Learn more here.

EPA finds the Valley in Attainment of the 1-hour Ozone Standard
In July 2015, the District submitted an updated formal request to the California Air Resources Board (ARB) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a determination that the Valley has attained the federal 1-hour ozone standard, based on air quality data from the 2012-2014 period. In May of 2016, the EPA recognized this historic accomplishment by proposing to find the Valley in attainment of the 1-hour ozone standard and reaffirming the effectiveness of the investment and commitment by Valley businesses and residents to reduce emissions and improve public health. View EPA Proposal and Fact Sheet.

Emergency Measures to Assist with Drought Relief Actions
The SJVAPCD Governing Board has approved several emergency measures to assist Valley residents, farmers and water districts with their emergency drought relief efforts. Among the measures adopted include expedited permitting for farmers and water districts needing to operate irrigation equipment and water systems, processes to mitigate excess emissions from certain drought relief efforts, and providing guidance on state regulations regarding drilling rigs. The District has confirmed that non-registered and out-of-state water well drilling rigs can operate in California during the Governorís declared state of emergency provided operators comply with the Stateís recordkeeping, reporting and notification requirements. For more information on the Districtís drought relief program, click on the following link: drought relief page. For assistance by phone, please contact the Districtís Small Business Assistance at (559) 230-5888.

Governing Board adopts 2017 Legislative Platform outlining Districtís priorities for the coming year View platform

Valley Air District is Seeking Hearing Board Members
The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District has three Hearing Boards which hold monthly hearings and make decisions on: variance applications pertaining to air quality rules and regulations affecting business and industry in the Valley; appeals to permits; orders of abatement, and revocations of permits. Click here

New Requirements for Natural Gas-fired, Fan-type Residential Central Furnaces Go Into Effect
The Governing Board adopted amendments to Rule 4905 (Natural Gas-Fired, Fan-Type Central Furnaces) which lowered the NOx emission limit for units currently subject to rule requirements; expanded rule applicability to include units installed in commercial buildings and manufactured homes, and added an option for manufacturers to pay an emission fee if non-compliant units are sold during the initial phase of implementation. Click here

Two Independent Authorities Commend the District for Judicious Exercise of Fiduciary Responsibilities and Cost Containment
The Government Finance Officersí Association (GFOA) awarded the District the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting, which is the highest form of recognition in governmental accounting and financial reporting. This award was for the latest CAFR (Fiscal Year 2014-15) and represents the Districtís commitment to meeting the highest principles of governmental reporting and transparency to the public. The Special District Risk Management Authority (SDRMA), also acknowledged the Districtís proactive risk management and loss prevention efforts. Read More

New Federal Study Investigates Fracking
A landmark federal study on hydraulic fracturing shows no evidence that chemicals from the natural gas drilling process contaminated drinking water aquifers. Click here

eTRIP Commute Verification Survey and Annual Report Deadlines
Worksites subject to the eTRIP rule (Rule 9410) are required to conduct a Commute Verification Survey no later than December 31 each year. This survey is designed to collect information as to how employees get to and from work each day during a week-long period. These worksites are also required to submit an Annual Report, consisting of the compiled results of the Commute Verification Survey, to the District by no later than March 31 of each following year.
For assistance with the Commute Verification Survey or the Annual Report, please visit www.valleyair.org/tripreduction.htm or contact the eTRIP Rule Small Business Assistance office at etrip@valleyair.org or call (559) 230-5950.

State of California Audits District Incentive Programs
District programs lauded as a shining example. Click here.

Funding Available for Agricultural Pump Engines
The Valley Air District can provide information to agricultural operations regarding permitting requirements for irrigation pump engines, and to provide assistance in obtaining grant funding for upgrading. For more information please call our Small Business Assistance hotline at 559-230-5888 for permitting assistance, and/or call our Grants Department at 559-230-5800 for grant information. (For more information, please click here.)

California Air Resources Board Approves Districtís 2012 PM2.5 Plan
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) approved the Districtís 2012 PM2.5 Plan at a public hearing on January 24, 2013. The plan, approved by the District Governing Board on December 20, 2012, will bring the Valley into attainment of EPAís 2006 PM2.5 standard by the 2019 deadline, with most areas seeing attainment well before then. The plan and supporting documents are available  here.

Valley Air District receives state award
A respected, statewide, nonpartisan business and labor coalition has awarded the Valley Air District with the 2012 Edmund G. ďPatĒ Brown Award. For more information click here.

Summary and Action Items from 2015 Governing Board Study Session
In May of 2015, the District held a public Governing Board Study Session for educational and strategic planning purposes. Click here for highlights.

New study supports the Districtís Health-risk Reduction Strategy
Early data from a major risk- based research project could form the basis for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency adopting a new approach to setting particulate matter standards already being pursued by the Valley Air District. Read More

Districtís smart phone app provides access to current air quality
The ďValley AirĒ iPhone app is free and provides important air quality information from monitors throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Real-time air quality levels, daily air quality forecasts and wood-burning declarations by county are all available within the app.
Click here to download the app to your mobile device
Look for an Android version coming soon.

Districtís Development Rule Upheld by both State and Federal Courts
The United States Supreme Court declined to review a ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the Districtís landmark regulation controlling development-related emissions. A similar challenge to the regulation, filed by the California Building Industry Association, has also been rejected by the California courts

Air Quality Activists Examine the District's Budget and Spending
The Valley Air District accomplishes more with fewer people and at a lower cost than other air districts in the state, according to a recent study that compared Californiaís air quality management agencies. For a complete summary of the report funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and conducted by the Sierra Nevada Air Quality Group click here.

EPA redesignates the San Joaquin Valley to Attainment for the federal PM10 standard and approves the PM10 Maintenance Plan
The US Environmental Protection Agency redesignated the San Joaquin Valley to attainment of the PM10 National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) and approved the 2007 PM10 Maintenance Plan. This historic achievement represents years of hard work by individuals, industry, Valley communities and the Air District.
Read the EPA's news release
Read the EPA's Final Approval of the SJV's PM10 Maintenance Plan and Request for Redesignation

Governing Board Meeting
The next scheduled meeting is March 15, 2018 beginning at 9:00 a.m. To view support materials for this meeting please click here. (i.e. agenda, support documents, or to view the webcast while the meeting is in progress.)

Read the latest news about air quality issues.


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